3 in 1 EVOD Vaporizer kit, Herb, Wax, and Oil. 900 mah 510 Ego Thread

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3 in 1 EVOD vaporizer kit. Contains 3 chambers give you the option to partake with flower, concentrates, or oil. If your bombing or bombed just sit back and relax, the Tao will tell you what is right for the time and if you are patient it will be revealed to you the path you are to take. Still it is the Ichi Ban of beginner vape pen starter kits.





Comes with:
One 900 mah EVOD battery with 510 Ego thread
One Oil chamber, one wax/shatter chamber
One (Sneak a Toke) chamber for herb
One USB charger, one dab tool
One silicone wax container
One cleaning brush
One travel case.