Battery Safety

Please educate yourself on lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries are different than most we are accustomed to.


To power on most vape pen batteries press the button located on the side of the pen. Do this 5-6 times in rapid succession. A light on the button will flash a few times. To ensure the battery is powered on press the button and the light will shine. To power off repeat above step. To ensure the battery is powered off the light will not shine when button is pressed.
Use/ Care:
Some units require a prime phase. To prime apply a small amount of product near or on the coil. Press and hold down the button on the battery to allow the coil to warm up. Do not allow the coil to burn your product before it has a chance to soak into the coil. Be patient some take longer than others.
To clean the atomizer simply apply rubbing alcohol to a paper towel and gently rub the sticky excess product clean. Do not poke or wipe inside the skillet for risk of damaging the titanium coil.