Nectar Collector Kit, Bubbler, 14 mm Titanium Nail

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This 2017 model Nectar Collector comes with a 14mm titanium nail. Add 7 ml of cold water into the mouthpiece. Torch the tip of the nail until it is red about 1/4 inch. Then wait 10 seconds. Place lips to the receiving end while drawing air through the device and touching the tip of the nail to the product. Start toking. Do not toke big or...

Caution: If not used with caution your sinuses will be involuntarily cleared.

To clear the water from the bubbler:

Allow titanium nail to cool

Remove nail

Place lips on smokers end

Blow, into a sink or outside preferably


This Nectar Collector kit comes with a

One Pyrex bubbler honey straw

One 14 mm titanium nail

One glass dab dish

One 7 ml silicone wax container

One Dab tool

One neck clip

One zipper travel case